Taking Methastadrol

I’ve been taking a product called Methastadrol for about two weeks now and I’ve noticed that I feel tired and lethargic, but on the other hand, I benched 315 8 times yesterday. My weight two weeks ago was 174 and now I weigh 181. Not sure if that is water weight, but my body fat has remained the same 12%. So I’m assuming that it’s muscle.

So my question is what is a good PCT when I get off of this on four weeks? I did find it at other places but they were always out of stock. Any advice would be great.

I don’t think you’re in the right forum…

You need PCT lined up before you start a cycle…

Nolva at 40/40/20/20 is good

Or take 60mg the first day or 2 and then 20mg for 4 weeks after.