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Taking Melatonin Every Night?


I have been using melatonin every night recently since it's difficult to get good sleep when dieting. It works great for me and allows me to get my 8 hours but is taking it every night going to have negative side effects and disturb my own melatonin patterns?


Yes it can hurt your natural melatonin production. You should use it only in emergency situations. Try natural solutions before taking melatonin every night - good sleep habits, a grateful log, magnesium, etc.


Is there any evidence supplemental melatonin impacts DLMO?


Not true it does not affect natural production. Natural productions seems to be solely linked to lighting and there is not a negative feedback for exogenous administration




Evidence supporting either side?


I've read multiple times that it DOES affect natural production. I also have a friend who took melatonin every night and eventually developed an immunity/dependency on it. He's not an anomaly either.

Maybe somebody should post...I don't know.....a study that was done.


I don't think it will mess up your melatonin production, but I don't like it simply because I wake up groggy every time I take. Doesn't matter how many hours of sleep I get or what time I wake up, I always feel like garbage and it takes like 3 hrs for me to feel alert.


Stims duh.

But SRS, even if it doesn't mess up your natural melatonin production, do you really think it will be easy to get to sleep normally once you cut it? IMHO, it's always worth it to plan a bit of off time from anything that messes with your rest/energy levels at a time during the week when you can afford to go without it (maybe towards the beginning of the weekend or something). Just my 2 cents though.

EDIT: If you plan to take it til death obviously disregard that. I was just making the assumption that you would want to cut it at some point/need to take a tolerance break to resensitize yourself to it.


In addition to frequency (every night or as needed), size of dose (.25-3mg), timing (0-3 hrs before bed), and type (time release vs non) are all important considerations.


Go look through MODOks thread it was asked he answered


Oh yeah, I'll just spend the next few days sifting through that 50 page thread with thousands of different questions. That's much more efficient than just linking a study or even quoting his response. That's using the 'ol noggin.


The onus is on those claiming that it impacts DLMO to produce evidence showing it does.


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Not really my problem is it. I dont feel the need to waste my time looking for it. I have already read the info so feel no need for me to do the research again.


It is if you're stating something as fact and have nothing to back it up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts.


Reading info is not the same as doing research or learning facts. Modok stated that there is no negative feedback system. To read what he wrote and state it as fact does not constitute doing research.


Who said i did not go out and look up info after i read that? Exactly reading the info is not the same as doing the research so why would you not do the research? Why ask the ? in the first place if you are supposed to do the research.


It's called a quick answer to a quick question. The vast majority of these threads wouldn't exist anyway if people were seriously committed to doing their own research.

Does providing an answer without citing several relevant sources/studies constitute the utmost academic integrity? No. But are people REALLY looking for a scholarly write-up when they drop a question thread rather than doing their own research? Doubt it.



2 say you're good, 1 says it reduces endogenous producion, 1 is slightly irrelevant but interesting nonetheless. That's how I interpretted them at least.