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Taking Medication in Solvent


Does taking medication suspended in a solvent reduce its absorption? I read that 65-85% can be lost, true?


Too broad a question.


Depends on medication or solvent used?


Both, is it time released, is it lipid based or water based med, etc.

Can you stick tylenol in some water and take it, yes, and efficacy would probably not be lost at all. Can you take your Effexor XR capsule and dissolve it in water, I would not advise it.


Very much so.

The percentage can vary anywhere from 0 to 100%, based on whether there are competing compounds during digestion/absorption, or whether the resultant compounds in the solution can be broken down at all, etc.

Just as a for instance, calcium inhibits the absorption of a number of elements. It's one of the reasons why a number of medications should not be taken with milk.


What about dipping Oreos in milk? Could the milk absorption hinder the efficacy of the Oreo?????


Sending the question to Dan Green now.


It is liquid accutane suspended in mostly ethanol.

A few friends have been taking it at low doses while "on" and it has been working for them (many of the same minor side effects) but, they were told by some guy that it will not absorb.

The product has positive reviews so, I am guessing he may be wrong or the medication is still working despite loss.


Thats one of those rare cases where the calcium ions are a synergist. They speed up the the uptake and response to the yumminess of a broad category of baked goods.

Broscience is decades ahead of empirical knowledge on this one.


Broscience is best science.


how's this supposed work?


It doesn't. Thats why babies cry.


I would not be crying.....


I am not a dipper. I eat the entire Oreo and wash it down with milk. Very tasty, and no side effects, other than gaining a couple of pounds because I can devour a whole bag of Oreos in one sitting if I am not careful. Oreos have been banned in my house for that reason.


I hate when milk gets on my oreo's!