Taking Leave in Tokyo

Hey everyone, I am taking a week of leave to go visit Tokyo. Who knows of a good gym to train there? Some place unique that I should visit, since I will probably never go there again.

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I don’t have an answer but that sounds awesome!! I hope you have a great time.

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How much money are you spending to go to Tokyo?

Whay would you waste any of your time there in a gym? Its one week, use the time as a break for your body.

I am in the gym 7days/week. Then, if something important gets in the way where I can’t do my thing (travel etc)Ii forget about the weights for a few days and come back refreshed.

Or you could make it a unique experience that you could only get in Tokyo, go sprint in some rice fields.

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Haha very true, I guess I didn’t even consider taking a break. I literally
haven’t taken more than 1 day off a week in the last 8 months, and that
includes training in the gym on days I have run or hiked

Just find a gym to meet chic’s in. Japanese women lust after American men, especially if you are jacked, problem is their have been some bad actor’s in military lately a few drunk dumb fucks , some manslaughter and rapes, the Japanese government wants US soldiers out, be careful . A cop buddy of mine, black jarhead 6’1 230 said was stationed in Japan, got crazy pussy. Even had a wealthy Japanese businessman pay him to fuck his wife while he watched in different room. Plus gear is easy to get their well it used to be according to pride fighters.

Hell yes haha exactly what I want to hear brother! Here in Okinawa they are
sick of Marines but when I go to mainland shit should be a lot better. Plus
in October I should be going to Australia so that will be fun

These are the type of problems reserved for people who make money off their appearance. If that isn’t you, it’s one week

Check out Hiroshima if you can (It’s about a 4-hour train ride from Tokyo). It’s well worth it.

Definitely look into it, thanks!