Taking L-Theanine with Ephedrine and Caffeine?

Hey guys, new here

Wanted to know your opinion on L-theanine. I always took caffeine pills (200mg every morning). Starting my cut so I’m also playing around with Ephedrine(Bronkaid 25mg x3 daily).

I was wondering if anyone had any experience adding L-Theanine into the mix. Does it help with jitters? Should I combine them (I.e. when I take my caffeine in the morning also take L-Theanine capsule with it)? And what’s the ideal ratio? 1:2 caffeine to L-Theanine, meaning for my 200mg caffeine pill I should take 400mg of L-Theanine?

I want to avoid jitters but I also don’t want it to counteract the caffeine effect and just get me sleepy. Thanks for any input!

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