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Taking It To The NEXT Level

Alright guys, i’ve been working out, doing mostly random stuff (but hitting all proper muscle groups) and giving myself proper rest and nutrition. I know the basics.

Im only 15, and started around New Years (got a Smith for Christmas)I could barely lift the bar when I started, now I can bench about 150 on a barbell, and 190 on a smith (10 reps each), and squat 250 on the smith. After 2 months, I realized it was garbage, but I didnt have a partner, so I couldnt go too heavy on the Barbell. But now I have one for the summer.

So, im happy where I am, but now I want to go all out for the next 5 months.

My main goals:

  • Improve my standing vertical from 20 to about 27.
  • Improve cardio
  • All Around Strength
  • Spring Faster

My only obstacle is a gray area for me, I play baseball, pitch/third base. And since I play different games on different days, etc… I don’t know how to work around it, or what muscles to exempt from workouts after pitching. I’ll usaully only throw about 40 in an actual game, but including warm up and everything, its a lot.

So, does anyone have any tips? Program suggestions? Im open to almost anything, I know this is my first post but any help would be hugely appreciated. Also, i’ve only had about 4 leg workouts and 4 arm workouts, ive taken MAy easy, so im ready for almost anything.

Anything heavy will get you big and strong, so long as you include squats and benching… and pullups.

Rippetoes maybe?

The only thing I think you should worry about with pitching is damage to the soft-tissue in your right shoulder. Eric Cressey has written about this, but I can’t remember anything he said, because… I don’t pitch.

I don’t catch either.

Look through Cressey’s locker room for it. Maybe there’s something there.