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Taking it Seriously

hey guys just looking for some advice on which program to begin. I used to be a swimmer for about 6 years and i have always gone to the gym . i go every morning and do about 2 cardio sessions a week. I want to take my training more seriously to achieve a bodybuilders body. Does anyone know where i can find a suitable program or the name of a program that will help me bulk up or get even bigger bearing in mind i am 17.


Click on authors and check out the things written by Christian Thibaudeau. He has a bodybuilding perspective. Chad Waterbury is a heavily followed author here as well.

Check Chad’s programms for a suitable beginner full body programm or Christian Thibaudeau’s stuff for more of a split routine approach.

I prefer Waterbury’s full body training (also a matter of not beaing able to go to the gym everyday as I train martial arts five times a week), but if you like splits and have the time to work one, Christian has some very solid routines that beginners can use as well.

i like some workouts by arnold schwartneager

[quote]moneyman7 wrote:
i like some workouts by arnold schwartneager[/quote]

The correct spelling is Arnold Switchenheimerfitz.

hahaha, have any of you guys tried John Berardi’s woprkouts, like the growth surge or t-man creation, they look pretty good