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Taking Gear to Thailand

Might be a silly question but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. I know it’s easy to get in Thailand but I have plenty here and I will se traveling there for a few months. Will I be fine taking a multi dose vial of test e from Heathrow to Bangkok?


Not unless it’s got a script label on it.

Many many guys go to Thailand for the cheap easy access steroids. Why risk any sort of trouble when you can just get there, go to a pharmacy and buy whatever you need for an affordable competitive price? I am willing to bet whatever you are running they have it available in ampules so you can buy the exact number you need to stay on track with your current pinning schedule. That way you don’t have to buy a 10cc bottle there for just 3-4 CC’s you need to stay on schedule. The dosage might be a little off but I bet it won’t be too far off.

I am on the border of Mexico and I know there are pharmacies down there that you can walk into an say "I want a 325mg shot of test E and they will get out their multi draw bottle and measure out the 1.3 CC’s of test E 250 for you and then inject you right there in a little side room. So if Mexico does it then I bet Thailand does it too.

Ultimately even with the headache of finding a pharmacy that understands English in Thailand why risk the trouble of bringing a bottle with you?


You’ll be fine at Heathrow. I’ve had security go throughout hand luggage and found ugl multi-dose vials and syringes and they’ve not once even asked what they are or being used for.

Don’t take glass vials on a plane, don’t take illegal drugs inside glass vials on a plane.

Your going to Thailand they have all the steroids and lady boys your heart can desire.

Drug offenses for foreigners are severe in Thailand. You might be fine at Heathrow, but if they catch you there, they might just hand you a life sentence.

Or an execution

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