Taking gear home...

I´m in Mexico now, and will be flying home next week. Is there any way that I can bring back gear legally, or at least the accessory drugs like clomid. Can I get a prescription down here to do this, or is this only valid with prescriptions from the U.S. for things like test. replacement therapy?

I don’t think there’s a legal way to do this. You might try mailing them back to your home addy. Not legal either, but probably better than being a “mule” on a plane.

Option 1 - Do like I did with my halotestin - I had an American brand aspirin bottle, dumped all 300 tabs in it, got on the plane and went home.

Option 2 - Put tabs in baggie, seal tightly. Put baggie deep inside bottle of shampoo, sunscreen, etc. Fish out when you get home and you’re all set.

As far as legal means, I wouldn't expect to get them. Sneak things back, or you'll never seem them again. You'll get things seized when trying to claim them to be "valid," and the odds that your package will arrive at your home are about as good as trying to mail a bulky pack back from Colombia - not good.

Or clip the back end of toothpaste, shove the items into the tube, and roll the back edge up again. Of course I’ve never done this (I 've never even done steroids), but it seems like a clever plan. Or is this one of the first things they look for?

When getting ready to board my plane, they only searched my fiancee’s purse, but nothing of mine. Was easier to get back out than it was to get into Mexico! They didn’t even search the 250 lb. behemoth that looked like he was down there for a serious mission of obtaining gear. Not that I’d risk taking much home, but with tabs, it wouldn’t be too tough. Vials were a little tricky, but I know of a method that’s supposed to work wonders for getting injectibles home as well.

Just wanted to thank you guys for all of the ideas. If all goes well I will do a post when I get home, and I should have some more info for anyone interested in the Ttokkyo labs when I return. Thanks