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Taking Fish Oils


Basically I have a problem with swallowing tablets/capsules and it prevents me from swallowing my fish oil capsules as well as just being annoying, as it means I have to crush down and drink any medication i need.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any tips would be much appreciated, as im tired of not being able to take in fish oils, and it just seems a bit silly coming up to 18.



take liquid fish oil. it’s more cost effective too (NOW brand)


[quote]JMoUCF87 wrote:
take liquid fish oil. it’s more cost effective too (NOW brand)[/quote]


You can also make an effort to eat more fish (like Salmon), although I understand this is the harder approach.


have you tried Flameout? they are very slippery and almost go down without liquid. just sayin


You could always try NutraSea liquid fish oil. That is the one I prefer…it is lemon flavoured.



When i initially looked i thought the capsules seemed a much better deal, i’m not sure exactly how to compare one “serving” of liquid to the equivilent amount of capsules, either way i’ve got 250 capsules sat here doing nothing so as soon as i can i want to use them, but i’m really glad to hear liquid may not be any more expensive as i thought it was.

@roweski: thanks man, i love MP so it might well be from there, tablets wise the ones i take as it is are pretty small, so if i chop them down into 1/4 or 1/2 and start from there, perhaps

@ jehovasfitness: Flameout would be a dream come true but even so I have heard they are very large? and although very good value for money for what they are its still out of my price range, esp. with international shipping.

@ again not sure on availability in the UK but i’ll have a good look thanks