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Taking Extra Surge Recovery PWO?


im currently carb cycling so when i take my Surge Recovery im also eating a bowl of rice. so thats 156g of carbs and 25g of protein PWO. i currently weight <200 lbs so the bottle of Surge says two scoops for me. would adding more Surge to bump up the protein to about 35g protein yield better results as far as muscle building?


Before Surge Workout Fuel, Anaconda, or MAG-10 were around, Shugart and some forum member-volunteers tried out a double serving of Surge Recovery with each workout (one serving before and during, one serving right after). It was good stuff.


If your workouts are intense enough ("earning the carbs", as they say), you should be fine. But based on how your progress has been, you might not want/need to keep the bowl of rice as well, depending on the rest of your intake on the high and low days.