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Taking Estrogen After a Year of Low Estrogen

Hey guys.

I did a long cycles in the past, for over a year and half.

During this time i took arimidex when not needed.

My estrogen is low for almost a year, and I did 2 PCTs that didn’t help…
On the advice of guys from here i came back to TRT 125mg of test e , divided to every other day + 1500ui of hcg a week divide into 2 times.

Im on trt for a month and half…

Im losing my mind with ther low E2 sides …

Someone here recommned me to take estrogen pills for a short period of time to kick my aromtase production again…

i would like to here your thoughts

Is your e2 still low with all those hcg?
How long has it passed?

Thats why people have to think more than twice before reaching out to any “low dose” ai… I know for some people it can kill the aromatize enzyme for several months, but it the end it should always recover

That is not unheard of, I’ve done this with a few guys switching over to my care after doing underground TRT. Their stories are similar to yours.


Not even just guys who did gear… Men with an aromatase deficiency. I’ve seen two so far and never touched gear. Both now on estradiol supplementation along with their TRT and all issues resolved.

Crazier still… I’m in a women’s HRT group where some women are prescribed anastrazole because their HRT providers say their E2 is too high. The level of incompetence in some medical professionals will never cease to amaze me.

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This has been the most shocking part of the whole TRT path for me. It’s mind boggling how incompetent some, even most, docs are. And my sister in law is a urologist so you can imagine how that goes every time my wife brings it up to her for advice


Ouch. I wonder if their progesterone is too low.

I don’t know if incompetent is the word, maybe arrogance. I’ve heard some crazy things as well and wonder if some simply won’t acknowledge they do not know everything and they offer opinions when they shouldn’t.

On the other hand, I have a surprising number of medical professionals as patients, PCPs, NPs, a PA, nurses, psychologists, general surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, a pulmonary oncologist, men and women, etc. (No gynecologists, urologists, or endocrinologists.) In reporting lab results and making recommendations to them, I always say I’ll skip over the layperson part and every time they say, essentially, “no, assume I know nothing and start at the beginning. We aren’t taught any of this.” Seems the higher up the food chain they are, they more humble they are regarding BHRT. Interesting.


You probably aren’t wrong. Ignorance is more the issue than IQ I’d guess.

I’m shocked (that is sarcasm). My wife has been told I should be on clomid or only HCG, but no one should ever be on HCG & T by one of those but that’s a whole other story.

I’m sure that’s the real issue. The basics of this really aren’t hard, certainly not hard class to get through in med school level hard, at least I hope not.

It’s really cool that they are willing to be talked to like normal patients and open to learning about it. That’s the difference I suppose.

I have a few questions.

How i can i get an estrogen pills? is there a need for prescription?
What are the dosages need ?

I do not know if underground sources are available for estradiol, so you need a prescription. Dependent upon the individual, I’ve used 1-3mg a day and usually for one or two months. Keep in mind it will not stimulate aromatase.

It’s been reported that VitD may increase aromatase which could explain one mechanism behind it helping your bones, as it would increase estrogen.

So taking walks with no shirt on, taking some Vitamin D and perhaps a Vit D cream would help. I’m blown away by the insistence of AI by my very own doctor who tried to convince me that I would be having crazy side effetcs to higher E levels. I was never fully aware of how anastrozole works til now. Killing aromatase enzymes into 0 is malpractice.

Got you…
I don’t think an aromtase issues, but I think it’s more related to DHT inhibit the estrogen conversation.
The more testosterone I take, the worse I feel, and drier
Makes a lot of sense that is more related to high androgen to estrogen ratio, So increasing the estrogen , dht level will drop and allow my estrogen converation.

keep in mind that on HCG, So I don’t wory about the aromatase…

You have the generic name of the estrogen medication ?


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is there any way I can get under your care?even online coaching?

I appreciate it, but I’m not using the forum to solicit patients.

You might go to the WorldLink Medical web site and check the provider directory to see if there is someone near you.

Have you drank some IPA? Hoppy beer can up the amount of aromatasing going on dramatically!

Couple of IPAs a night for a bit might help more than you think.

I only have to have a couple and the next day I start getting itchy nips!

Does your guys were on testosterone during the time of being on estrogen?

Right now Im a week on estrogen, no effects yet.

100mg of test e a week (eod 30mg) and 3mg of Estrogen Valerte (Prognova).

I hope it will raise my levels …
in case the estrogen is not going up , Im going off testosterone and doing and doing estrogen theaphy for a month and going on again with decent levels of estrogen

Yes, concurrent testosterone by injection and oral estradiol.

Doesn’t oral estradiol metabolizes in the liver by first pass metabolism into estrone wich is bad? I heard patches and injections are better for this reason

Yes, and I should have clarified, micronized and bioidentical, not synthetic.

Synthetic and non-bioidentical estrogens are more resistant to enzymatic metabolism by the liver and have disproportionate estrogenic effects relative to bioidentical estrogens such as estradiol. They contribute to a much greater synthesis of liver proteins.