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Taking Dextrose...


I have been taking dextrose before and after training,and felt I have been able to train harder(maybe placebo effect)but would also like the glycogen reaction .
Im taking a table spoon before and one after 5 days a week,but thinking of reducing it to a teaspoon before and after ;will it still have the same affect?


A tablespoon is a very small amount (maybe 15 grams) with regard to any effect on glycogen.

A teaspoon is a trivial amount towards that purpose (maybe 5 grams.)


All Im chasing technically is an insulin spike is a teaspoon going to cause it?


No! Try 30 grams. If all your taking before and after working out is a tablespoon of Dextrose your f'ing up.


If you want an insulin spike without much sugar take dextrose (15 g), phenylalanine (3 grams), l-leucine (5 grams), and 4-hydroxyisoleucine. Or just get down to single digit BF to increase insulin sensitivity.


He is already on 15g of dex. He wants to reduce to 5g if he can get a similar insulin hit.


Yeah sorry I wasn't clear. 15 grams is not that much. 5g is exactly one third of not that much.

IF the OP is afraid of carbs, then the approach I listed will give him the insulin effect of a much larger (say 40-50 gram) dose of dexrtose in regards to insulin response.

The approach I suggested would work great if you're cutting, but otherwise, increase the amount of dextrose.

[edit] so if I wasn't clear, 5 grams of dextrose won't do much. Stick with at least 15, but go as high as 50 (pre and post work out)