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Taking Dbol

Can taking Dbol pills 36 hours prior to a blood test, to check testosterone levels, be long enough to drop my test levels below the “normal range?”

If you are planning to shut yourself down to get on TRT (am I correct?) You will need longer than 36 hours to get shut down on Dbol. For a better chance of low test, I suggest you get as little sleep as possible (if any in the next 36 hrs), drink a couple of beers too, eat very little, maybe watch something romantic or listen to Justin Beiber.

All this stuff lowers test (im not sure if it will be effective enough to get below a normal range - but this would be better than the dbol.
That said, I hope youre not planning on doing anything silly now!

No. God damn no

[quote]Reed wrote:
No. God damn no[/quote]

Okay what would be long enough? I’m just trying to drop my natural test levels because I have already tested them and it came back one unit inside the normal range and my idiot will not prescribe me TRT yet.

Read this, especially the last half

Run Test Prop for 3-4 weeks at 75mg daily then stop immediately wait one week go get bloods.

Great! Thank you both for your help.

Or just find a doctor worth a shit