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Taking Dbol Instead of Test E



Thanks to the guys who answered my other questions but still one remains.

Sometimes i cannot take a test e shot for 2 weeks because of work. I know its a bad situation and i will consider not taking anymore cycles if it is not feasible. But in the meantime could i take dbol instead to keep my test levels up until i can get a shot of test e.
Im actually going home from work today so i can take my shot but just wanted to know for next time.
Many thanks


Unless I am mistaken, Dbol will not ‘keep’ your test levels up… I’m certain dbol is suppressive and in no way will help your test levels when missing a shot.


Ok yes thats what i thought too. Aftet doing some research maybe i could take some andriol instead of injecting that week?



I believe he is wanting to use the dbol to keep test in his system when not being able to inject, not to restore natural test levels.

As per your previous thread - Can you not inject more before heading into the week where you are unable to inject? Just make sure the overall dosing is the same per week. 3rd time i have suggested this - why are you unable to do it? Do you not think that it will work?


Yes i can do that but i would have to inject 4ml of test 1000mg in 1 day to cover the week i have off. Is this wise? And maybe its ester wont cover me for 2 weeks so taking that much will just cause a spike for a week and then not much the week after?I appreciate your advice but I like to see a number of different opinions and not just 1.

My last shot was 2ml 500mg of test e on friday 4th march and my next shot will be in around 8 or 9 hours when i get home.



it doesn’t work like that. Dbol isn’t going to raise your test levels; it’ll raise your dianabol levels.

Your test levels’ll still lower as the ester clears, regardless of whether or not you use the dbol. You’ll gain a little from the dbol though so that’s something.

If you’re taking a massive bolus shot of test to try and cover you while you’re away expect a similar rise in oestrogen and be prepared for that.

Plan your cycle better next time.


I haven’t tried it, but the old school theory was dbols were androgenic enough to keep your testosterone levels at a point where it wouldn’t negatively effect your sex drive, or ability to get a boner(dbols are of course less androgenic than straight test). They would then stack it with a more anabolic drug like deca, primo, or EQ, which if taken by itself could cause lack of sex drive or boner issues. Sounds good in theory though I don’t really know how well it works.

Definitely use the dbols if you can’t use injectables, and you want to stay anabolic. 2 weeks off test during a cycle whilst not ideal is not going to leave you with boner/sex problems as long as its a long ester you have been using.

Good point from yogi about the need for extra AI if you up the dose of your last test shot.


Ok thanks for the info. Im using test e which is a longer ester. I will bring some dbol next time i cant take my shot.

I dont really want to do 1000mg I think its too much in 1 hit for a beginner like me.


Sorry I was’t clear… Just pointing out Dbol’s nature. OP may have been confused to the workings of Dbol, since it will not positively impact test levels like he wants.


Sorry i didn’t realise that you have a 2 week gap between injections.

Could you back load some 1ml insulin syringes and put them in a Tupperware? either pack them with your stuff or keep them in the car and simply inject it subcutaneous rather than IM?


Thats cool, you were good enough to reply and help me. That’s a good idea but i actually have to fly to work and I heard that the presure difference in the cabin can cause syringes to leak its content.

I think the only way to do this is to…

  1. Bring some dbol and take that for a week instead of test e
  2. Risk taking my test e to work
  3. Try to get some test u and shoot every 2 weeks
  4. Stop taking roids


If this is a on going issue with traveling for work and you want to continue with PED’s then i would consider using Test P and running shorter cycles


like I said before, this is going to keep you gaining while your test levels drop, but if you are planning on starting test injections again you will need to build the ester levels back up again. The dbol won’t stop the test levels declining.

I think pex is on the money about using short esters from now on. Travelling with needles is a bit sketchy but PCT drugs like clomid just go in your toiletry bag and no one’s going to bother with them. I suppose you could go the other direction and use mega long esters but I wouldn’t want to do that, personally.


Ok guys thanks for your knowledge and time. At least i can plan things better now.
All the best


Btw one final thought…
I could maybe take some 40mg andriol capsules to keep test levels up? I know i would need to take maybe 7 or 8 per day