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Taking Creatine

I have done alot of reading regarding creatine and when to take it and what to take it with. These seems to be a few conflicting arguments about the best time to consume it. I have just started a creatine cycle and decided to take it all follows based on what i have read.

  1. 2-3 grams 1 hour b4 a workout with grape juice

2)Drink water throughout the workout

  1. 2-3 grams imediatly after the workout with a protien + carb shake.

Does anyone have any comments/improvements regarding this method? Any better more effective ideas?

I think the general concensus is that it doesn’t matter much. Once your muscles are saturated it’s fairly easy to keep them in the saturated state. I just throw mine in my post workout shake.

Ditto above. I think the most recent research showed that Creatine was best absorbed post-workout, with a reasonable amount of protein and carbs. Someone else might be able to recall the article. I can’t. The idea of loading necessity, and the optimum dosage, remain controversial, and I think there have been several threads on this topic. I am probably a conservative user at 2-3g/day, but I find this strategy works for me. (FWIW).