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Taking Creatine in Tea



Just started on a new batch of creatine and found it mixes best with tea. Other things such as water and fruit juice seems to leave some left on the bottom of the glass. Are there any contraindications against using tea to mix the creatine or has anyone used this mixture before?




Never heard of drinking it with tea. haha

But, it will work just the same. Many people use luke warm water to help it dissolve. I personally just throw it in with a protein shake, so I dont notice any sediment.

But, yeah, no problem with doing that!

A true English bodybuilder: Tea with creatine :slight_smile:


ha ha reading that back ive just realised how much i just filled the English stereotype! :0)


i had on a couple of years back that tasted brutal so i used to chuck it in with a strong coffee in the morning to mask the taste, not sure if the heat affects the structure of the creatine and its effectiveness but works as a way to take it


I think I remember reading somewhere that consuming caffeine at the same time as creatine inhibits the bodies utilisation of it.


no the effects are so miniscule it is a non-issue. you need a shitload of caffeine for it to have significant effects... i forget the exact mgs but theyre up there


Hello my good fellow, would you like some tea & crumpits... & creatine?

Just dump the creatine directly into your mouth and wash it down with water. You waste none of it and it's over in a couple of seconds.


I have a few buddies in England who do mix creatine in their tea with no apparent problems. I've used warm water a few times, but couldn't stand the "plain" taste. When I do use it, I toss it in my workout shake. No problems with mixing there.

This might be relevant:

"As for acid, orange juice has a pH of 3 to 4. That's fairly acidic. But compare that to your stomach, which has a pH of 2. That's somewhere between 10 and 100 times as acidic as orange juice. One study found that if exposed to a pH of 3.5 for three days, only about 21% of creatine breaks down into creatinine. Again, this makes perfect sense. If creatine were so unstable in acid, CM [creatine monohydrate] would never work, in anyone."

I wouldn't presume the moderately-hot temperature of a cup of tea to be any more "damaging" than stomach acid, or certainly orange juice, so again, you're fine mixing it in pretty much whatever you'd like.


Yeah, in protein it is undetectable to me. I cringe at the thought of it in tea. Then again... I am a big tea drinker.
Not sure about you guys but when I have been on it and then off for a while when I start back up it leaves a terrible aftertaste in my mouth for three days until I get used to it. Maybe I am weird though.... :slight_smile:


I've found that lemon tea and creatine is a good combo - if you can get past the 'float factor'.


I have a little girl. I will NEVER get past the "float factor" !!!! HA!


lulz, i've done that, but beware that all creatines are not created equal. Some go down really easy, some are like trying to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon... If you wanna laugh search that on youtube...


< lost. I don't float little girls in lemon tea and creatine.


Meaning that kids leave backwash in drinks. Yuck.