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Taking Control: My Journey to Something Better

I could’ve named this training log a lot of things, but I like this one – I’ll explain in further detail in a bit.

-19 year old student at a 4 year college
-Martial Arts for 10+years
-Swimming for 4 years
-Pole vaulting for 1 year
-Battling (battled? knock on wood) eating disorders
-I’m not sure if it’s manic-depression or episodes of hypomania followed by dysthemia, but something hasn’t been right in my head a long time

Essentially, the past year has been a huge year for me and not in a good way. So why the title? Because I’m tired. I’m tired of letting everyone and everything rule my life: the binging, the vomiting, the addictions, getting walked over by everyone… I’m done. This year I’m TAKING CONTROL and baby, I’m gonna be better than ever. I only hope that throughout this experience I’ll grow not only strength-wise, but the whole “mind, body, and soul” thing as well.

-142-144 lb

1RM MAXES (in pounds):
Bench Press: 215
Deadlift: 405 (haven’t hit this in awhile though)
Squat: 280
Military Press: 135
Hang Clean and Jerk: 165

Before I move onto goals, I realize that they aren’t necessarily long-term or short-term, but either way that doesn’t matter to me. Either way I want to inspire myself to get in the gym everyday and just fucking do work. My motto: “Progress, not perfection.”

-Weigh 165 lb at a respectable BF
-585 lb DL
-365 lb Bench Press
-405 Squat

I’ll fill in with pictures and diet/past few days of training to set a starting point.

Thanks for reading, y’all.