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Taking Clenbuterol on its Own to Cut?


I have just finished my first year of bulking, which I did a bit too aggressively and gained quite a lot of fat. I followed a strength training program and gained a good amount of strength I think for one year; 5rm squat 140kg, bench 100kg, deadlift 180kg. Not amazing, but decent progress.

Now I want to cut down my fat as quickly and efficiently as possible while retaining my strength as much as possible. I want to get back to bulking as soon as I can really (and this time I will bulk more slowly!).

Will Clenbuterol on its own help me to do this?

How should I adjust my calories when on Clen?

How much should I take and for how long?

Are there better alternatives?

Any important information I should know?

I appreciate I am a noob here and I am grateful for any advice anyone can give me! (Even if it is to man up and do a slow cut)


Clen on its own or otherwise can be a great addition for the finishing touches, I personally hate it but I digress. For anyone to help you we need to know your stats and what you’re doing now:

Keep track of what you’re eating for at least 3 days and journal it.

What training are you doing?

Ask in other places on this forum for nutrition and training advice as well as here. You need to get on track with what you’re doing, done, and going to. Clen can be used but unhealthy for little benefit when other options haven’t slowed. Clen will increase metabolism, but the overall metabolism boost is only something like 10% but it helps get through low calorie diets, gives more energy, and suppresses hunger. It helps to optimize workouts and help motivate and give energy so they’re more effective. I’m on the belief that stims should really only be used for finalizing and breaking over plateaus. I prefer eca or even the weaker albuterol for boosts. Though I use to abuse them, I see what a waste of health it really was when used for just regular fat loss.
So long reply short: directly it only makes a difference of about 10% so 1.1lbs instead of 1.


I am using MyFitnessPal and eating 2800 calories a day at a bodyweight of ~107Kg, to lose 0.2Kg a week (I will probably increase the rate at which I lose weight gradually). My bodyfat is approximately 20%.

I am following a 3x5 Strength program, 3 days a week.

I have heard that Clen helps to maintain muscle mass while cutting, which is the main appeal. I could cut quickly without it, but then I would lose a lot of the progress I have made over the last year.


Are you planning on maintaining your training program with the clen or focusing on recomping? I’d focus on cardio, shorter rest periods, supersets, etc for a while and bring the clen in when you are close to your goal. Really I’d get as far as you can get without it then bring calories back up for 2-4 weeks and then start your recomp again and add clen then.

Clen can be ran quite a few ways depending on goals and time lines. One way, when people have 20 weeks to prep, is to run it the last 12 weeks with Ketotifen or benedryl and a ramp in dosage. Another more common is 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I’m not a fan of clen, though I’ve used it numerous times, as the small direct benefit isn’t worth it imo. I far prefer ECA or even albuterol, or something to help bring up my training performance.

Do you have pills on liquid? If you stay with clen then depending on goals, complete training, and time line would dictate how to do it. Assuming a 2 on, 2 off would be best: I’d start at 50mcg a day and increase 25mcg a day until you get to 100mcg-125mcg a day, cut dose in half last day and take 2 weeks off. Once you have your tolerance on mcg/day I’d hit half that the first day, 3/4 the next and then full dose for the next 2 weeks and repeat. On off weeks you’ll be a little flat and that can effect mood, perception of strength, etc. It can be good to hit pre-workouts, caffeine, etc during that time. Clen is far from healthy and can cause permanent cardiovascular damage, and running things on off weeks only makes it worse but if results within a time line are needed then make your personal sacrifices as desired.