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Taking CLA

Hey guys I just recently purchased CLA and was wondering when I should take it? I’ve heard not to take it with fiber since it absorbs it and does no good. Should I take it 30 min prior eating? However, at the same time it says take it with meals. How much should I consume? It says 1000mg on the bottle

please someone help with this…i dont know when to take my good fats (fish oil, cla, etc) cuz ive heard not to take it with fiber…however most my meals contain fiber so i really dont understand?

Just take it whenever its convenient for you.

Now if someone were to really sweat the small details, they would prob avoid taking it immediately after some oats or a fiber supplement.

I imagine a bile release would help absorption of CLA, so taking prior to meals is how I’ve always done it. I generally keep half an hour between CLA supplementation and meals, but this is not based on any studies, just simplistic scientific knowledge.

Don’t stress it too much.