Taking Care of the Weekend

I travel almost every weekend (Friday night til Sunday night). I stay down at my girlfriend’s and her fridge isn’t well-stocked. She lives with roommates and I don’t trust/expect to hog the fridge with weekend goodies for me every weekend, so I’m wondering how I can stick to my diet without having to bring shopping down every weekend. My guess is to just bring protein and oatmeal and keep it in my car to cover 2 snacks, but I have 3 more meals with perishables of meat and vegetables that I don’t know how to take care of. Thoughts?

Jerky, BCAA’s, frozen vegies, MRP’s, protein bars, cans of tuna, green+ or Superfood, PB, fruits comes to mind.

Personally, I bring to work a little pill bottle filled with flax seed meal and eat that every day.

Don’t forget fish oil pills - very easy to bring.

one of them cool bag type things too leave in the back of the car, leave 2 ice packs at her place in the freezer, they take up hardly anyroom, and change them when you arrive there and so as often as you can.
Thats what i tend to do when i travel and have no access to the pleasures of a fridge.