Taking Before Photos

Hello everybody,

My name’s Mike and I’m a big fat ass.

I’m 6’3" and weigh 300lbs. I just started training and dieting two weeks ago. I love this site so far. Lots of great articles and advice. I’m 26. My goal is to be 200lbs by September 1, 2006, so that gives me a year and some change to lose 100lbs. I think it’s doable. That comes out to less than 2lbs per week, so it’s a safe rate at which to lose weight. I’ve decided to take charge and take control of my life while I still have some quality youthful years left. My late 20s and early 30s ARE NOT going to be like my teens and early 20s were! Life is too short to walk around spending it being ugly and out of shape and missing out on the finer things in life like being able to go through a revolving door and of course quality sex.

Anyway, my question is this: what is the best way to take before pictures? I want to take lots of pics of myself in my current state of obesity, so that when I get in shape and ripped one day, I can have good photos to put in the book I’m gonna write to show everybody how I did it. (Well, actually, it’s just to chart my progress, but who knows?) This seems like a trivial question, but I think it’s valid because I’m using a digital camera with a self-timer and I’m taking them myself, so I need to know good setups that get all the details. Where should I take them? Under what lighting conditions? What types of items are good to have in the pics as reference markers so that you can take a standard set of photos with the same things in the picture at each weight loss interval so you can compare your progress against a controlled background, etc?



I think you are thinking about it too much. Just take some digital pics. That way you can preview them and keep the ones you like. And if you are comfortable enough to post them go ahead and do it. I’m sure people will be more than supportive.

Hmm, I’m not sure if the items in the background matter so much, but you should strive for the same lighting, camera, camera locations and poses.

If you can use the same precise setup over a period of years, that might be nice, but large changes will certainly be readily apparent anyway.

Anyway, sounds like you have a good plan, it should certainly be achievable as while you are very overweight you can lose weight at a relatively quick pace at first.

Whatever you do, don’t be discouraged by the odd setback, just keep on working and you’ll keep on improving… and the more time goes by that you haven’t fallen off track the more pride you’ll take in your journey.

Go get it!

Hey Mike,

Congrats on realizing you need to change. I wish you luck in your journey. I had a similar situation, and am 9 months into my change. Im 53 pounds of fat lighter… on to your question.

  1. Try to keep the same shorts, or at least the same color and style throughout your pictures.

  2. Pick 1 spot in the house or wherever you are.

  3. Make sure lighting is consistant, for example take a picture at 7:00pm every night, with the same amount of lights on, or use the flash to ensure a consistant light source.

I have pics where the lighting is a lot differnt in my favor and it will make me look ripped or cut, then enable the flash and magically it all goes away.

  1. Try to be in the same stace or pose. I recommend an relaxed set of pics and a flex set. I really wish i had decent flex pics from when i was 260.

  2. Put the pictures in your training area, or keep them with you and look at your first pic and remember you are trying to get away from that guy. I used the BFL method of telling myself i was building a better me every time i felt discouraged looking at the pics. (cheesy and ghey?.. yes… but it helped me)

Good luck with your transformation and be sure to keep us updated.