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Taking Asthma Meds, Continue Cycle?


Hi ,

Want a bity of advice here, maybe I should have asked my doctor but I am pretty sure I would have got a negative answer regardless. I am half way through a course of test, tren, and equipoise, course is going well but over the weekend I started feeling ill (bad throat, cough) and as a result it has sparked my asthma to worsen to the point where I am seriously struggling to breath.

Anyway, I went to the doctors and was precribed steroids to aid my asthma - Prednisolone - although not an anabolic steroid I have looked up this drug and it seems to carry similar side effects - quite ironic.

My diet has been damsged slightly from being ill and I havent been able tio train but my question is should I continue my course while on thewse precribed drugs?? would seem a shame to waste it but if its going to course major heatlth issues then I know I shoulnt??

I will appreciate your advice?? what would you guys do?


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I ended up in hospital with breathing difficulties after a short anavar cycle.
Carbolin 19 was the only supplement that helped.
( It felt like the my airways were so thick my throat was going to close up - the Carbolin 19 opened it all up )
Forskolii, the ingredient in Carbolin 19 is recommended for asthma, hay fever and other allergies.
If all fails you may want to try that.


You should be fine, and actually long-term effects of the corticosteroid could be a problem more than anything.


corticosteroids dont interact with anabolic steroids, ive bin taking seretide with cycles for past 2 years , no problem


Of course it is fine, think how many steroid users have cortisone injections for injuries, or have asthma even. Myself included.


wicked, just what I wanted to hear, thanks guys