Taking Asprin?

I’ve been taking 325mgs of Asprin every morning now for the past month. I used to take asprin years ago with Mini Thins and Vivarin. I am not taking MD6 or any Effedra pills at this time. Can I do damage by taking 325mgs a day? Will it thin my blood too much? The only stimulant I am taking now is the caffiene in my coffee. Should I cut the dosage in half? I lift and mountain bike. Call it mental, but on days when I do hard mtb rides, I swear I get better performance taking the asprin with the caffiene. Thoughts, suggestions?

Aspirin is a mild pain killer so it helps you to push way into the pain zone .
You should cycle the intake . I found when I take aspirin before heavy training It was leading me to overtrain as I was pushing the reps way past my normal pain threshold

My only concern would be that orally taking asprin you might be effecting you stomach, blood and other internal systems (see PDR-Physicans Desk Reference). You could use a topical creme. I have been using an MSM crean for my bad shoulder and it seems to work well. Best of Luck.

I guess that depends on why you’re taking aspirin in the first place. There’s usually very little need to do so. If you need it for pain, tylenol is generally better. If you need it for inflammation, there are much better COX-2 specific anti-inflammatories such as Vioxx and Celebrex.

I took anti-inflammatories every day for almost 10 years for my arthritis, and I just recently stopped for the first time. It was hell for the first week and a half while my body detoxed. But I’m better now.

If at all possible, I suggest stoping aspirin altogether. The risks (duodenal & gastric ulcers in particular) are not worth the small reduction in pain and inflammation.

If you’re taking daily asprin as a health tonic, you should probably lower your dose and look into an enteric-coated tablet, which protects your stomach from long-term asprin damage. They have special OTC formulations of low-dosage asprin for heart patients which might be exactly what you’re looking for, they range from 80-100 mg with a coating designed to protect, or bypass, the stomach. Asprin has a lot of long-term health benefits, but you have to take into consideration the side effects and take special formulations of apsprin designed to minimize such effects. Also, if you don’t already, you might want to look into supplimenting with Omega-3’s, which according to recent studies may have the same benefit as asprin towards long-term health with fewer of the short-term risks.

One thing of special note, regarding asprin’s effects on platelet aggregation – 325mg/day can seriously diminish your blood’s capacity to clot. That’s great if you’re at risk for heart disease, but if you get an injury that causes blood loss, whether external or internal, you might react in essence like a hemophiliac – you’d keep bleeding much longer than an ordinary, non-hemophiliac and non asprin-enhanced individual. Just something to keep in mind, everything has its side effects and you have to judge your own individual limits.