Taking Arimistane During Cycle?

Hi I’m currently on my third week of 1-andro (1dhea 75mg x 2 a day) and I’m wondering if it would at all be beneficial to take arimistane particularly for libido reasons. Aside from the libido thing would it have other benefits as well? Or should I just begin my arimistane after my cycle? I’m also doing an 8 week cycle of 1-ad by hi tech pharmaceuticals. Ive read a lot about how 1-andro goes well with 4-andro because it nullifies the side effects of 1-andro but I’m new to prohormones and don’t want to do too much all at once. So would taking arimistane during cycle help with libido and are their any other benefits of taking it during my cycle. Thanks.

I’m unclear as to what you’re taking. You said you’re using 1-andro and then asking if you should add 1-ad, which is the same thing. Did you mean you’re taking 4-ad now?

Additionally, no, you don’t need arimistane. It’s a really potent AI and you are not taking enough of anything to need that. It won’t help your libido, it’ll smash your e2 through the floor. You won’t like that at all.