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Taking Antibiotics...


The last day I was sick was friday, when I started taking antibiotics for strep throat (I had a fever, swollen lymph nodes, etc). During the time I was sick I stopped taking my supplements (Alpha Male, HOT-RX mainly).

I've been on amoxicillin since Friday, and since Friday morning I have felt great. I went camping all this last weekend and have rested well and have felt great. Can I pick up where I started with those two supplements while still on amoxicillin, and get back to lifting?

Thanks for your time.

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I would say that if you are feeling back up to snuff just drop the amoxicillin.

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Always finish the prescription drugs you started. Never just drop them, or there will be a chance the infection could come back stronger.


Yeah, especially with antibiotics, you're supposed to keep taking them.

More news: My doc just called on the phone, the blood tests came in, it was/is Mono. So I asked her and she said just don't do anything strenuous for 2 weeks! Damn this sucks..I mean I feel great right now damn it.

Can I get a second opinion from some gents here? (Don't worry, I know this is the internet and medical advice will be taken as opinions.)


antibiotics are wiping out your immune system as well so you should finish the course and kill everything or small amounts of infection you can normally handle will take hold because of your weakened state of immunity.

however, now that you know it's mono, which is a virus and not a bacterial infection, and therefore antibiotics won't do a thing other than further weaken your immune system and your rate of recovery from the mono, i would think your doctor would tell you to knock off the amoxicillin.


Listen to your physician. You don't want to engage in strenuous activity such as resistance training when there's an issue of the spleen being enlarged.

I would not take any supplements at this time either.


Well it's for the strep throat I guess, and since I haven't developed any rashes (which is what happens to some people who are taking amoxicillin while they have mono), she is having my continue antibiotics.


Thanks for your response, Cy.


I would just add that after stopping the anti biotics it would be a good Idea to supplement with probiotics and or a combo of say a lot of yoghurt. The antibiotics not only wipe out the bad but GOOD bacteria. This will help you get back up and going faster and help keep you healthy.