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Taking Alpha Male Permanently?


I like the effects of Alpha Male, and just realised that I have been taking it more or less constantly for over a year, and on and off for 5 years. . I have since cycled off to give myself a break, but is there any reason why I should? Does anybody else here take it regularly? The only downside I can think of is that it would exacerbate hair loss due to the increased testosterone. Thanks for your advice.


how old are you ?, im 43 and have been taking tribulus about 1200 mg a day for about a year.it makes me feel about 15 years younger and better in all respects and ive noticed no bad sides .


Hairloss is only a problem if you have the MPB gene.


I am 28. My non-Alpha Male test levels were on the lower end of the average range when I had them checked last. My life didn't suck, but my sex drive did drop during times that I was lifting heavy. Tribulus makes me feel like a beast though, so I've kept it up. However, I've just noticed that my temples are thinning more than they should be. I don't want to be a cue ball at 40.