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Taking All Fish Oil at Once?

I’m currently taking ~3000mg of fish oil caps (not sure if that is too much or not) which consists of 10pills. Instead of spreading them out thoughout each meal i take them all at once in the morning with my multi and flax seed.

Its obviously more convienient for me to take them this way but i’m wondering if i’m loosing some of the benefits by not spreading them out with my meals. What is the max absorbtion rate for fish oil? Would i be better off spreading it out or is the difference negligible?

I lift after work at 5pm if thats revelant.

I would spread them out, maybe half at lunch, half at dinner later after you lift, that way you can get some preventative inflammation control as well as some during recovery.

That makes sense firefighter. I’ll spread them out with with my main meals.

How about the amounts i’m taking, enough, too much? I’m 6’4 215#, 33yo.

[quote]fishtanker wrote:
How about the amounts i’m taking, enough, too much? I’m 6’4 215#, 33yo. [/quote]

Depends on the DHA/EPA content, which is the active constituent in fish oil.

If you use a concentrated source like Flameout you require far less. Cheap fish oils are typically low in DHA/EPA and require much more to be used.

I take mine spread throughout the day. When restricting my carbs, such as I am doing now, I take them with every meal. I am currently taking 15, three per each meal. When I am not restricting carbs I take five with my last three meals of the day.

I started taking less and worked my way to my current level of 15 per day. I don’t know if there is a set rule on how many you should take. Maybe you should experiment with it for a while and see how your body responds.

As an old man with many past injuries I have found fish oil, and now Curcumin 500, to be very beneficial to my overall pain management.