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Taking AAS and Taking Supplement


What if one is taking their first round ever of Sus250 an Deca . . . . in addition to Anastrozole every other day . . . .

Does anyone have any good advice other than eating clean, good hydration, protein, and lifting hard with regard to other complimentary supplements . . . ????

Advice and comments would be most appreciated!



If I were one I'd avoid deca. That's just me. I'd also avoid taking too much anastrazole. I think most take too much. I'd rather take nolvadex.
I'd take greens+ and flame out. Not much else you can add to the stuff to 'help it'. I'd let it do it's job and worry about health supplements.

Alpha Male with Carbolin 19 when you come off with nolv or clomid.


I dissagree, Nolva is a poor choice. Keeping your estrogen within normal parameters throughout your cycle will ensure a better recovery post cycle. As for your deca, you can expect it to be suppressive at least 6 weeks post cycle, so continue to run your sust for at least 5 weeks after that at hrt doses. If you don't you will royally hoop yourself.


If you are taking Deca, I would strongly recommend B-6 and/or cabergolene. Nolva is a very bad choice for an AI - as it is SERM. I would recomend ditching the A-dex and getting some letro instead.

A lot of folks are touting the praises of Aromasin, but I haven't tried it so I have no opinion to offer.

As for supps - A good multi, some quality fish oil, Power Drive, Surge, and Metabolic Drive should have you set up pretty nicely.


Oh, forgot to mention HCG in about six weeks and then again in another six weeks . . .


I know nolva is a serm. In my experience too much arimidex killed my sex drive. I exclude it altogether and just use nolva. I get bitchy from clomid and for the longest time nolva was all guys used and they did okay.


Thanks for the information . . . . Is good to know of a place where one can hear from some kind of collective wisdom ... peace out . . .