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Taking a week off


I am doing bring in the pain and i am tring hard core for three weeks them taking a week off....Now this is the first time i have ever actually taken a week off in such a short period of training.... and i cannot get the idea out of my mind that it is counter productive. Has anyone else out there tried training for three weeks then a week off? I'm curiuos what your end results were. I finished the first stage of bring in the pain and i am feeling bigger already...but like i said...i can;t get the fact that this week off is counter produstive.


I think it depends on a lot of things including: your training experience, your age, your recovery ability, your normal training volume and your work capacity. Obviously the older you are and the less volume you typically use the more you will benefit from the week off. You might want to experiment with taking just a 1/2 week off. During this time instead of going to the gym just play some games(sports) and stay moderately active.


I started seriously trying to get into shape in April, and started on an Ian King plan, taking a week off every 4th week - maybe doing one or two days of cardio (since my goal is weight loss) but that's it. During those weeks I saw no weight gain and was able to come back rested and refreshed.

Now that I'm SERIOUSLY attacking the iron and the cardio (4 days lifting, 4 days cardio) I find that I need it even more. This time I went five weeks and am in my week off right now. My joints (unlike yours probably) were telling me it was time. I expect the pain to go away during this week and be back fully healed on Monday. Firmly believe in the rest cycle.


What I have done in the past, is hot the weights hard for three weeks and then reduce the weight by 50% for one week and then hot it hard again. This has worked very well for me.