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Taking a week off

I have a kwestshun. Wut kan mak me thik and sex-e? haha… Naw, I’m just kidding.

Seriously though, how often should we take a week off from training? With all these different workouts, diets, and cutting edge supplements, how do you expect us to want to take a week off?

I have not taken a week off in 8 months. Could that be the main reason why I haven’t been able to gain much size? I’ve increased my daily caloric intake to 4,000 calories a day and I only weigh 195. Hell, I used to be 5’9" 275, I’m scared of walking back down that road again. Any help on this issue would be great.-Matt

For optimal results you’d probably want to take a recovery week at least every 12 weeks. I know it’s hard to take that time off but you can still focus on other activities during this time. As an alternative you could try taking 1/2 recovery weeks or just taking a really low volume and intensity week from time to time.

About two months ago i hurt my wrist and couldnt do anything. I couldnt see myself just going in and doing leg extensions or presses. so i didnt do anything. This went on for five weeks. When i started lifting again i had only lost 30 lbs off of my incline press and was within 5 pounds of it the next week. Then i flew by it the next week. i dont recommend taking that much time off but my point is it wont kill ya. And youll probably come back stronger than ever. If not right away, in a couple of weeks or months.