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Taking a Lay Off After 7 Months Dieting?


i 've been on a diet for 7 months and during this period i trained 4 days a week.
i lost 20 kgs in the process but nowadays im feeling tired and my joints especially delts and elbows give me a little discomfort.
i am thinking about doing nothing for 7 days, increase my calories a little bit and relax.
does that benefit me in he long run? what would you do?


It does benefit and absolutely nothing bad is going to happen.


I would definitely take a little break man,

after words youll be itching to get back into things


Nothing bad is going to happen from 1 week but there are better things you could do with that 1 week. Take an ice bath for a few days, do some yoga, get a few massages, and so on. Nice progress so far man.


Yeah mate, you've earned it. Don't use it as an excuse to eat like shit, though! I'm sure you wouldn't do that anyway.

You've done really well leaning out. Well done


thanks man, i will definitely do things to recharge my batteries because i wont take a break one more time until summer holiday which is my main target.


thanks man. you've been very supportive, right from the beginning of my journey.
i wont ruin my diet but i upped the calories a little bit because my weight keeps dropping. i want to stay at 76,5 kg. i cant afford to buy new clothes one more time :slight_smile:


Like the guys have said, one week of not lifting won't do anything terrible. Vince Gironda wrote a bit about the concept of "Train 21 days, rest 7 days." That's a bit extreme (for some), but as long as you're going balls out when you do train, some time away from the gym is fine once in a while.

Aren't you doing the contest in April?


no chris, i wont be able to do it.
i spoke to the federation but they want a club license to compete.
you must be registered to a sport club to get this license and im not. i train by myself in my basement gym :slight_smile:


de nada man, it's been awesome to watch your journey.

And the cool thing now is you know how to get lean, so if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to cut again then you know what'll work. A lot of guys just assume they'll be able to do it then when they actually try they realise that eating chicken and broccoli all day is way harder than chowing down burgers!


thanks man, my goal is to keep my bodyfat same while slowly increasing my muscle mass.
i want to be 80 kg while keeping this leanness.