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taking a four day break


but I dont want to lose my momentum.
I finish off Cheater's Diet tomorrow. I am going to start T-dawg 2.0 on monday (just dropped about $60 on meats/ FF cheese alone). But this Thursday, I am going up to DC to visit my girlfriend, who loves to eat out at every opportunity. She is also vegetarian and a restaraunt snob (no mainstream restaraunts). Needless to say, T Dawg will be difficult at best. I have a few grow bars with me, a couple containers of protein powder and MRPs to keep my protein up over the trip. should I switch over to Dont Diet recommendations for the break? Or am I overthinking this and would a four day break not kill me, as long as I got right back on the horse when I get back?


It's not going to kill you bro. Go visit her and have a good time. There's nothing wrong with it. I do it once every 2 months when I go home. I don't care what I eat, but I don't eat shitty. I keep it to lots of meat and veggies, basically.

No sweat, it won't hurt you. It's always good to get away.



without knowing all the specifics of your training/nutrition, age, recovery ability, etc., I'd say that not only will it not kill you to take the occasional break, it can actually be very beneficial.

I periodically (every 2-3 months) take a 5-7 day break from weight training and do general physical activity--so called "active rest". Activities such as swimming, long walks, hikes, etc. I always find my energy levels restored, T levels elevated, and a greater degree of muscularity.



If you guys want to know. I just finished CD/EDT, I am beginning the new RRD with Tdawg.
The only reason I am concerned is that I have really only been dialed in since I started CD ( almost three weeks ago) to take a break now seems silly. But I almost have no choice. I think I like the idea of sticking with meats and veggies (should be easy since the girl is a vegetarian, hence we will be eating at places that serve tasty vegetable dishes).
Then back to Tdawg.
thanks guys


Don't worry jodgey.. I won't hold your time off against you when I take the lead in fat loss..lolol :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, all depending how you eat it really wont be that bad of a deal. And if you are in need of a refeed, could even benefit you.

Just keep it clean as you can, keep your protein up, and don't go hog wild on desserts.
Overall the rules of physics still apply, so unless you overeat for your energy expenditure you aren't going to gain weight.


Breaks are needed not just for the mind but for the body. Just don't go buck wild and eat 10 super sized double quarter pounders, with the fries and gas tank sized sodas.

Enjoy your time with her and come back ready to kick some major ass.


antilib --

thanks for the motivation to keep charging ahead even while on vacation.