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Taking a break


I was wondering what everyones views was on taking some time off from working out. How long do you guys wait before doing so or how many times do you do it per year? Also suppose I want to take some time off from weights, but want to continue to keep in shape. What can I do to do that? What sports or activity can I do. Example for upper body and legs.



Focus on endurance: push-ups, body weight squats, hiking with a weighted backpack.


I take a week off after each workout split. For example, I'm currently doing meltdown training. Once my 6 weeks of that are finished I'll take a week off with a little bit of active rest - play some golf, whatever, then I'm back at it!


I so the same as aikigreg. A full week off after every soix weeks of training works very well for me - I always come back stronger and eager to train.