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Taking a Break from Stims. Avoid Chocolate Protein Powder?

I’m currently taking a break from all pre workouts that contain caffeine because I was on it for so long and it wasn’t having the same effect on me. I want to reset my adrenal glands and give my body a break. This might be a ridiculous question but my chocolate protein powder which is whey isolate has cocoa in it. And I know Cocoa has small amounts of caffeine even if it’s not listed on the container. I take several scoops a day. Could the small amount that’s in the chocolate protein powder still affect my receptors when I’m trying to take a break? Even if I’m not feeling a caffeine effect?

I’m sure it’s not a huge deal. If you’re concerned, maybe buy a small batch of vanilla or strawberry

Correct, rediculous. That’s basically trace caffeine.

Just skip coffee, tea, energy drinks (duh).

Everything else should be fine.


i’m sure there is such a small amount of caffeine that it won’t affect your break from preworkout