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Taking a Break from Cutting?

What are your toughts about taking a break from long time cutting periods?
I have been slowly cutting to a point where its starting to became a little restrict IMO and im not sure if im getting leaner, im not prepping for a show, i just want to lean as maximum as possible to start clean again as i cannot take huge ammounts of caloric surplus…

First i took a few months 2 or 3 on what i belive is my maintence, 2500kcal, (was at 2800~2900 before cut) then i started to cut my calories, first 2300, 2100, 2000 and now im 1900 and cutting for about 6~7 months, i feel im not lean as i should be for 1900 calories and im starting to feel im not geeting many benefits cuting more calories, im just starting to feel more flat and sometimes fatter even tho im slightly lighter

Any toughts?
stats :78~78,5kg 1,8m
8 years training

As much as we like to talk about maintenance, I sometimes think that yu have to be moving in one direction or another. As you can only keep chipping away for so long before you’re left with nothing, what can you do, keep eating less and less?

I personally think a break,especially a smart one where you don’t just haphazardly go back to what lever you were doing/eating before you started cutting can be a good idea. Even just from a mental perspective, It’s rough to endure for so long.

I’ve always held that if calories and nutrients are sufficient, you can remain the same weight while
Adding muscle and changing your composition in the process. Have you taken any pics while your weight has stalled?


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Hey Stu, thanks a lot for your considerations, means a lot.
Thats what i tought, i cant keep eating less and less, i started to see that was something wrong when i was actually looking worse

Im thinking in going to my maintence calories for a couple of weeks and see what happens

I have a pic or two but nothing more to compare super precisely (yeah i know, my bad, but when i get pics i get depressed lol)

Having got myself fat, then lean again, several times I have some observations. Cutting aggressively works well to begin with. I’ve never understood the ‘start with a modest deficit’ mantra. Fat people should see linear progress on the scales on a weekly basis. Yes, eventually it will slow and you reevaluate. There is no need to be cutting for months on end. Second, body recomposition can happen - if you’re patient and consistent. Once the initial fat loss has been achieved, insulin sensitivity has improved and periods of energy cycling can see big changes in physique. Last, the mirror is your friend but stuff like dexa scans can be the best, most honest mate you’ve ever had.


Thats my initial plan
I want to get lean to a fresh start, i dont want to be a perma bulker ever again in my life
Im natural lifter, poor genetics, long and thin bones, and even beeing an ectomorph (it seems) i dont have super metabolism, i cant handle 3k calories without getting fat… i just want to see some progress trough those 8 years lifting, then i want to progress slowly
Thanks for the feedback!