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Taking a Break from Alpha-GPC and Surge?


Aside from cost, is there a reason to ever take a break from using Alpha GPC, Workout Fuel and Recovery before and during workouts?




I'm not aware of any reason to do so.


I would think one could develop a tolerance to Alpha-GPC, but I'm sure a mod will jump and say that such an effect has not been observed by the staff or athletes that have been "on" Alpha-GPC for a while.


This is true.

Even at 2 doses per day for the past couple of months, I've yet to notice a drop off.

It may be that significantly higher and/or more frequent dosages would eventually cause a downregulation, but I'm not familiar enough with the mode of action to say.


I cant imagine any down regulation going on with Alpha-GPC.


Wait, it can be used twice daily? I think I remember you said on another thread that it can only be used once a day, because the higher dosage would be not effective. But in any case, if the usage guidelines have changed, could you elaborate on how long one should wait between two doses?


Excellent, thanks for the responses. I was really hoping this was the answer I'd get as I have been having great sessions using these products.