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Taking a 50 Day Break From the Gym


Hey guys,

I am taking an almost two full months break from the gym because I will be going to another continent to visit universities. I won't have the chance to workout at a gym there and I am scared of muscle loss, strength loss and fat gain.

Any diet/ exercise suggestions or tips on how I can make sure that I will survive these 45 days without loosing too much muscle and strength?


bang lots of hot foriegn women.

take pictures.


Find a gym.


I'm sure there are gyms on other continents.


You're looking around Universities. right? And what do Universities have?

Most places allow non students/staff to work out, and I'm sure they will make an allowance for you.

So you can get big, AND check out the facilities at the same time.


Thing is I liv ein Europe and I will b e visiting the US and Canada to visit Unis.

I will be moving around the whole time so there is no way i am buying a month's membership to workout once or twice :confused:
See my problem?


I will be visiting MIT, NYU, Boston University, Boston College, Columbia, Queens, Tuffs, Cornell... :slight_smile:


I think US universities have their own gyms for students?


And check out hot co-ed's.

Just buy day passes for the gyms.

Better yet visit a public gym (got to be a few in the cities you'll be visiting) and tell them you've just moved into the area and want to check out the gym (shopping around for gyms) and ask for a free 1-day or 3-day pass to see what they've got. You can probably workout for free for your entire trip.


Bro walk in the gym wherever you are visiting, say, "I'm thinking of going to school here. Can I try out the gym?" after the student employee wakes up and gives you a dirty look, walk past them and workout...

Use that brain of yours for something other than math brother


I'm doing research at Tufts right now, and they have a relatively nice gym. Olympic Stations, several squat racks, and plenty of benches. Tufts is only a subway ride or bus ride from most of the Boston area colleges you mentioned. You might be able to get in and train.


day passes huh?
never heard of those :slightly_smiling: sounds good.

Oh btw.. any tips on nutrition? I know i ll be forced by my uncles to east some serious junk food lol


day passes. all those universities have gyms. go there. or do research on bodyweight circuits you can do in your room, park, etc. they will get you in probably better shape and stave muscle loss.





I don't even understand caving in and simply planning to not lift when there actually ARE other options.

That doesn't scream "SUCCESS" to me.


I wasn't planning one not working.

I have set up a bodyweight routine for every week..
I was just looking at this from a "worst-scenario" point of view.

and Success is relative. For you it may be being huge and truly looking like a t-man.

For me it was loosing 66 pounds of fat in one year and working my way up being diced while still having time for friends, girls, and A grades :slightly_smiling:

No offense.


It's for this reason that I am worrying about making sure it all doesnt just fade and i get fat and ugly again


Oh none of those places will have gyms with weights and stuffs and to work out in, they're just for giving people smarts.

This is a joke right? You're intelligent enough to possibly get accepted by these great schools, but not smart enough to figure out a way to get access to their gyms?

Here's a tip. Almost any commercial gym in the US will left you get a trial workout there if you ask. Many will sign you up for a week for free, and there's a bunch that are hurting that'll make a deal with you for a month or 2. I work at a college. They'll let you in to use the facilities for $7 even if your not a student. Many YMCA's have daily guest passes too which cost between $5 and $10 a day.


That's a excuse you still can workout and have time for friends, girls, and A grades. Don't bring that weak stuff in here. Making excuses is not a sign of a successful person.


Like I said, if this were someone who really wanted this, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. I found a place to lift in fucking South America in a third world country but EUROPE is out of gyms suddenly?