Taking 1-2 Days Off from the Gym

This here is the important part. Any and every time I come across meanies of the interwebz, I have a nice sit down chat with my mum, my brothers sister and the lovely old man across the road. Really helps with the feelings.


I weighed myself today on an empty stomach and weighed in 56kg but then I moved the arrow to the zero (its mechanical) and weighed 55.5kg. So I may increase my calories to 2800 is this a good idea? My mate told me on Snapchat that you should keep them the same because you’ve gained weight.

Just eat more, why is that such a hard concept for you, stop tracking so closely and just eat. I can guarantee that your mate doesn’t have more credentials in the way of experience than the people who have given you the time to respond to you.


You mean to say that you’re actually considering a dietary change because of a scale difference of .5kg?

I’m going to use lbs, because I’m American… but in the last week, I have woken up at weights from anywhere between 189.5 and about 196 lbs. You don’t seem to understand how much the body naturally fluctuates in weight. I don’t give ANY particular weigh-in much thought. You have to watch trends, not day to day things.

And hugh is right. Just fucking eat more. Stop over-complicating the matter. I wish you would stop counting calories, and just eat as much as you can. Or if you just absolutely HAVE to track calories for whatever reason, shoot for a stupidly high number. How about 3500. I’d love to see what happens if you eat that much consistently.


Did you have some healthy conversations last Thursday?

what do you mean? Don’t you mean this Thursday? I said it six days ago.

My apologies, for some odd reason I thought when you said on Tuesday that you had it next Thursday, it actually meant the next Thursday, not in two Thursdays.

This part of the english language has burned me on several occasions.

Sadly, both interpretations work.

If you operate under the premise that the upcoming Thursday is “this Thursday”, then logically, the one after that would be “The next Thursday”

However, if the upcoming Thursday is simply Thursday, it would be “The next thursday”.

It’s why, whenever anyone pulls it on me, I make them specify a date.

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I’m not sure but it could be a weird UK English thing. That’s the way I use the phrase too and have confused many of my non-English colleagues with the it.

If I said ‘this’ Thursday it would mean the upcoming one whereas if I said next Thursday it’d mean not this one (i.e. the upcoming one) but the next one after that (i.e. the following one).

One time, some real fancy pants hit me with “Thursday next.”

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Hit em with a moon cycle to arrange a date, bamboozles the socks off them.

“I’m going on a extended Holiday, see you next Flower Moon.”


Sounds like management bs type speak to me. If it is I hope it doesn’t catch on like that god awful phrase ‘going forward’. I can’t get away from that one.


Yep you should forget these forums, cos teenagers know everything

Haha! I missed that.

I betcha he told you with the goat filter too!

That’s all I said mate anyway i’m getting off these forums now bye.