Taking 1-2 Days Off from the Gym

You’ve hardly gained a lb. and that could just be water fluctuations. Eat more, put olive oil on top of everything, more rice, add pasta/potatoes and get full fat yogurt. Do that for 2 months and monitor the weight increase.


That’s such a weird coincidence.

19 days ago, it was “2 weeks ago I weighed 55.1kg” also. Pretty weird, huh? Almost like you’re either not tracking things properly or you’re just not keeping your story straight.

Also, 19 days ago, you were eating “2,620 calories per day” and I thought you agreed to eat more. Guess that didn’t end up happening, huh? Strange.

Yes I did agree to eat more and I did for a time then I stopped because I thought I was gaining too much weight. And I don’t have a scale at home I can’t afford it, so I have to go to gym then weigh myself.

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I’m gonna take you guy’s advice and don’t do any exercise accept LISS. I will incease my calories to 2800 calories and see how it goes.

When did anyone ever suggest this?

But you didn’t put LISS which is just walking to the store or something.

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I won’t do LISS then.

My heart goes out to your father.


Some people can’t be helped.


You’re eating like how i ate when i jumped out of the womb!
Why not just ×4 the yoghurt and nkt bother with some miniscule amount. And instead of the semi skimmed milk dtink full cream and drink lots of it throughout the day.
I drink 5 cups of milk a day which is a litre and if i could afford it id drink 2.
And what’s the point of whey protein when you’re skinny as a twig?
Use that money on food . I made that mistake once and foods 10× better at this stage of your development.

But seriously
Can you please just listen to what everyone’s saying no ones going to help you if you dont take their advice.

Why on God’s green Earth are you measuring out Semi-Skimmed Milk?

I actually really do hope this is a troll thread, otherwise it’s kind of a bummer


x2 with this. ‘fat free’ bascially means 'Max carb’ and will probably be pumped full of artificial crap to extract and make up for the fats. A quality greek yogurt has good fats that might even aid fat loss if training hard

Start saving money or get a decent job and buy your gym equipment so your nor worried running to the gym thinking that you don’t have enough penny fo pay.

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My squat rack is the second best purchase i made after my bedazzled unicorn shirt.


Its been sorted out now, I did a bodyweight workout. 10, 25 second sprints, 100 push ups 8 sets of dips and 8 sets of chins. Wanna say I’m trolling? I haven’t disrespected in any way what so ever mate. I’m sorry if I’ve disrespected you mate.

Cool mate

you’ve not disrespected me in any way and I apologise if that’s how I made it seem. My point was that if you’re not trolling, for which I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, then you are clearly anorexic or body dysmorphic or something like that.

I hope that you come to realise this and that you have a strong enough support network in your life to deal with it.

Good luck.