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Taking 1-2 Days Off from the Gym


I can’t go to the gym as my dad can’t afford bus fare. I now do 5 miles walking, and I did a 2 mile run along with six sets of push ups. I’m gonna keep my calories the same i’m not gonna change that. Is it ok just to walk 5 miles insted of doing any exercise? I’m going back to the gym on Friday. Bulking t 55.1kg-56.4kg and 5’6 feet.


No. For you, it is not okay. You’re better off just eating and not training/walking/running.


Pushups if you feel like it✔
Walking etc❌


No offence, but why?


Because you’re (still) over-exercising and under-eating.

Did you go to your appointment with the counselor last week?


No, college was closed.


That’s… curious. You had an appointment set with them. So when is it rescheduled for?


Next Thursday


How much calories are you eating ?


2620 calories


I’ve also got some blood work next Monday


what does a day of eating look like for you?


What I had today was mostly the same as yeterday and the day before that and so on.
Breakfast: 100g of oats, 100ml semi skimmed milk, 200ml water, 50g fat free yogurt and 15g of whey protein.

Lunch: 130g tuna with 60g of rice and a sesame seed bagel and franks red hot buffalo sauce with a monster ultra.

Dinner: 200g of prawns or 250g of chicken with 150g of rice and franks red hot buffalo sauce with a rockstar zero.

Night time snack, I have 90g of peanut butter palm oil free and if i’m not low on fats I have a bagel.


No offence but you asked me what I ate.


So… like 2300 calories.


2600-2620 calories


What’s your current morning weight?
What was your morning weight 2 weeks ago?

Did you eat this way two weeks ago?

If you haven’t increased weight, increase food. It’s simple maths.


your college counselor made an appointment for you on a day that it was closed?



Two weeks ago it was 55.1kg and 1 month ago it was 54.5kg.


Well it wasn’t me who made the appointment, It was my teacher. And I went to the college last wednesday and their no one was in the reception, I tryed to go in but the door was locked. So I emailed my teacher and he said the appointment will be next Thursday.