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Takeru Kobayashi


For those of you not familiar with our good friend Takeru, he's arguably the best damn competitive eater in the entire world.

This man ate 53.75 hot dogs inside of twelve minutes.

So you'd expect him to be kind of a chunker.

Not an underwear model.


He's also a competitive powerlifter.


They had him featured on MTV True Life: I'm a competitive eater

They showed him training as well, hes a big, strong dude that's for sure.


lol really?
stomach almost looks fake lol


He's on a cutting diet and the competitions are his refeed days.


Seriously? I thought powerlifters were all short burly people like Dave Tate.

Heh. More cushion for the pushin'.


Yea painted on like with airbrush.


Pretty sure Kobayashi is around my height. Tate is at least 6 foot (judging by the last time I saw him) as are Wendler and a lot of the other heavier guys.


His job is eating. He spends hours a day lifting. Amazingly, lifting + eating produces muscle. Who knew?


maybe now people will believe that eating fatty foods doesnt necessarily make u fat!


here you go


hope this loads


Skip to 2:41 to see how small he was 6 years ago.



Cool/fairly big guy, but Joey Chestnut can eat circles around this guy.


This is him before he started working out!


This pic is awesome


Damn, is that a 660lb rack pull? I need to show this thread to my housemate, he's about the same size as kobayashi when he was just starting out and even works out the same way (curls only). Heavy weights + food = jacked


Very impressive

Also that him vs. bear video is brilliant. I could use a few tips from this guy, I reckon i'd stomach the calories a little easier if i could get 1000 in about 30 seconds from solid foods


He's not keeping it all down. He's bulimic as fuck.