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Taken - The Movie


Did anyone see this movie last night? What did you think?


Watched it online a few weeks ago.

It kicked so much ass.


I must say, I thought it was nothing less than BAD ASS! Very worth the watch.


very good movie


Saw it a couple months ago online... pretty bad ass. I know the guy that taught him a lot of the Kali that was done in the movie, and I must say after having learned from the man himself, it's all very good and very well choreographed.


I haven't seen it, but the trailer is the coolest I've seen in a while.


Doug Marcada (not sure if that's spelled correctly) did some of the weapons training for the main character. That's how I heard about the movie in the first place.

Kali is a form of combat sport involving weapons, and a very small amount of empty hand stuff. A lot of it is disarms and things like that, that's what you see in the movie.


I saw it yesterday and it kicked ASS! Liam Neeson doesn't look like your typical asskicking bad ass, but in this movie he just embodied it. Great action flick, lots of ass kicking, gun shooting, and general bad-assery.

The only gripe I had was how everything was just so conveniently placed for our hero. Things were in the right place at the right time, but this was still a great action ride. Very satisfying.


Saw this a few months ago, (seems it had a UK release earlier?) and it is every bit as awesome as you may think.


I brother just said he saw it and that it was awesome. I cant wait to see it


Liam Neeson kicks ass in general. I plan on seeing Taken on Monday.


Just got back from seeing it. Totally awesome.



I saw it a good few months back too, and it's one of my top movies from last year. He plays an excellent role.


I didn't think it was that great. I guess I'm on my own with that opinion eh? It was just too much of a vigilante orgasm with every little detail catering to that and it felt very forced. meh. The two people I saw it with both enjoyed it thoroughly and told me to STFU.


Saw it online. I think I might watch it again in theaters.


Really good movie, I thought it was gonna suck ass. Boy was I wrong!

P.S I hate the ending, everybody acts like it was no big deal

"oh hey thanks man, so Ill see you at the x-mas party! bye"


I really enjoyed this movie


That is why it is truly awesome.


it was very good. i love liam neeson. he is so big and powerful looking. he has to duck through doorways. he can be scary and he brought his A game in this film. it was a good story, too.


I just got back from seeing it. Taken and Liam Neeson was all kind of bad ass.