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Takedowns On Concrete


Here's a video of a street fight where a guy takes out three assailants just by making them fall down. The impact alone seems to take the fight out of them in a way it never would in the gym.

Sorry it won't embed because it's a Chinese video site, I swear it's worth it though.



No way it's fake.

Just as badass: watch this grandmaster utilize a deadly three-lotus-palmstrike.


Goddam! He just wouldn't stop!



Cool video but I'll have to agree with Schwarz. It looks as if they're filming a fighting scene.


hahah that was some weak takedowns and sloppy not sure if I really want to hit you strikes and kicks


I'm fairly confident this is real, judging from the reaction of the camera men they agree with me as well. There are many many more, street fights in Beijing each day than there are post modern attempts at viral video creation. Not saying any of these guys should be in the UFC by any means, just that being taken down on concrete can really hurt.


To be fair, at least half of the Chinese language commentator think it's fake too, and the video is listed under the "funny" tag. I've been burned before...Is this one real?


Of course, it's totally legidd, brah.

Some broskis of me happened to chek out a new mma gym.
Turns out these faggets had not a single Affliction shirt!
They were heavy into GaySP style gymnastic stuff, so my boyz whooped them pussy-class clean.
Next tayme, they better show some dethclutch or tapout.


This one looks real to me. Awesome video, hahaha!

That guy fights like a kraver. Quick strike opponent 1, quick strike opponent 2, back off...

A bunch of weak chins. Bam! That's what you get for attempting a gangbang. LOL.

The guy in white was an unlucky bastard.


This vid rocks. The dubbing is fucking hilarious. So are the sound effects. And fight scenes.

Thanks for the laughs.


Those are they guys from the "Trinityâ?? movies! Thanks for the post, I haven't seen this one yet.