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Take ZMA Every Day or Only Training Days?

Do you guys think that i should only use this the day im working out ? Or i should take it everyday ? And why ?

I use it everyday.

My completely unscientific opinion, based on personal experience only is that the only benefit I see is that I sleep deeper. Which is a massive benefit, particularly when sleep is short.


I take it every night and get a very nice placebo “instant relax” feel every time I take it- hasn’t really seemed to help with sleep though :sob:
The crazy dreams are really cool though

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I use it everyday until the bottle is empty. Then I will take some weeks off, just out of principle.

I do sleep better with it and, yes, the dreams are very vivid.

Maybe reserving it for training days is the best way…I don’t know. I just know the the effect is still strong, even when taken daily.

thanks for your answer guys !