Take ZMA, Can't Sleep

I find when I Take my ZMA before bed I cant get to sleep, and after about an hour I get this second wind that last for 3-4 hrs. Then when I finally do get to sleep, I can’t seem to get going the next morning. I seem to notice increase recovery on ZMA, thus don’t want to stop taking it, does anyone (preferably coaches or someone who actually knows what their talking about) have any ideas or solutions as to why this is?

     Thanks for the help

Are you taking it an hour before bed?

When I first started on ZMA myself, it took almost a month to have it totaly cycle through my body. When it finaly ‘broke’, I was able to sleep better and if I did wake up, was able to go right back to sleep better…dreams were really freaky, but better sleep none the less.

Remembering though, I was a cronic insomniac to begin with.

[quote]msd0060 wrote:
Are you taking it an hour before bed?[/quote]

yes, 30-60 min before bed, like the directions say

I have some of the same side effects, for me watching tv and relaxing helps but I know what your going thru

I can’t sleep when I take ZMA. I stopped taking it, and I fall asleep much faster.

What happened with me was that I would take it 30 minutes before bed (along with melatonin, which I’ve been taking for years), toss and turn for 30 minutes in bed, then fall asleep. Twenty minutes later, I’d wake up and not be able to fall back to sleep.

I also never had any freaky dreams (that I could remember). I was kind of looking forward to those.

I fall asleep fairly easily when I take ZMA, but I cannot get a full night sleep with it. I’ll wake up the first time about 3 hours after going to sleep, and then a few times again throughout the night.

Just try taking ZMA earlier in the day if you have trouble sleeping after taking it before bed.

People get too hung up on the taking it in the evening part.

the Zinc makes me horny and edgy so i have to fap it out before i can sleep or else im tossing and turning