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Take with food???

This might be insignificant, but i was wondering when something says take with food (i.e. MAG-10), do you take it BEFORE you eat the food or AFTER??

Good question-I never really thought about it. So, BUMP…

It doesn’t say anywhere on the MAG-10 bottle to take it with food.

It doesnt say to take it with food, but it might not be a bad idea. I thought i heard Tim say something about this. Because the andros allow alot more carbs and protein to absorbed into your muscles, it might now be a bad idea to eat a big meal with a blast of mag 10…i dunno i could be completely wrong, but it makes sence in my mind…awell

Bill Roberts did make a suggestion in one of the Mag-10 threads to take it with/after food. It was one of those, ‘I think this is the best way, but we haven’t been able to test it yet’ deals.

i posted this message b/c Bill Roberts did say he thought it would be a good idea to take MAG-10 with food but… i would still like to know if that means before of after. thanks fellas

I don’t think it could make any difference to gains whether MAG-10 is taken before or after meals.

Personally, since the taste is right now only at the “okay” point instead of where we’d really like it to be and where I expect it will be, I like taking it before meals.

“Take with food” means after you eat, so your stomach is full. The opposite is “Take on an empty stomach”.

I figure that I’ll just take it when I would be taking my Tribex and M during off weeks- right before breakfast. This way, it’s in my system as soon as I’m awake. Hopefully, it will make breakfast all the more anabolic.