Take Week Off Before a Meet?

Do you guys take a week off before doing your maxes or train that week?

Just to clarify, are you talking about a meet or a testing day?

Personally, I train last about four days out from a meet. It’ll be light. Last heavy week is the week prior. I try not to deadlift for at least seven days prior.

I deload the week before the meet, test maxes and what not a week before my deload.

I deadlift up to about my second attempt as fast as I can a week out. Squat till about 2-3 days out and bench stops 2 days out but the day before I lime to squat and bench a plate or two for a few reps

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Usually, depending on my work schedule. Last heavy deadlift is 10 days out, last heavy squat 7 days out, and last bench 6 days out. I do a “meet walk through” on the Wednesday before just working form and commands with light (55% or so).

21 days out I take my last heavy deadlift which is roughly my opener.
14 days out I take my last heavy squat also roughly around my opener. When I squat 740 my last heavy set on this day was 670 and went home.
10 days out last heavy bench.
7 days out I squat up bout 40% for 5x5 for me this was around 315.

the week before the meet I stretch, foam roll, massage and chiro. On Monday and Wednesday I do 3x10 with 135 on squat, bench and deadlift and finish with some very light pump band work. Thursday and Friday I take off and basically only relax. So, I essentially deload for one week and completely take off one week before the meet.

Isn’t that close to what coan does?

Hey Reed i think i have seen you on pl watch, what are your best lifts correct me if I’m wrong, don’t you total around 2000 at 198 single ply?

Hey man im on PL watch but I compete raw with wraps 220. I hit 740 squat at 218 a month ago and that put me at 18 or 19 currently in the squat and totalled 1740 which I think was top 40. I honestly don’t follow PL watch my friends submitted my lifts to them.

As for close to what coan does I am not sure. I train with and under the guidance of Sam Byrd and he takes a lot of his principles from Coan so it is likely our peak/deload is very close to Coans

Very good, your coach is one of the best squatters of all time, keep doing what you doing .