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Take This, Fat Think Tank


I honestly have absolutely no sympathy. Maybe that makes me an asshole, but if you let yourself become too fat to fit on conventional medical equipment, you need a wake up call.

Next step: Send them to swimming at Sea World.

They should start a fund to raise money to get equipment to accomodate them. It should just be financed by charging them extra whenever they have to go to the hospital for something. I’m all about freedom of choice. Smoke if you want. Overeat if you want. But the consequences should be yours to bear. When you get sick or have complications, you should be the one to pay. Not me.

The protest people is what makes me sick. How does one think that it is the responsibility of the hospital to purchase “larger” equipment. The average people that go there can fit just fine in a normal piece fo equipment. How could it be justified that they would have to buy 100’s of thousands, if not millions, of dollars worth of equipment for a few people who let themselves go?

I get that some people who are that far overweight have NO say in the matter, be it a genetic disorder or whatever, but “most” people that size do so on their own will. And I love how stomach staples has now become “common” practice…quick fixes that never work long term. Disgusted!!

[quote]Supraman wrote:
Next step: Send them to swimming at Sea World.[/quote]

Thats demeaning to Shamu. Poor little whale was genetically predetermined to be that size. She shouldn’t be lumped in with those thunder thighs.