Take the Rest of the Week Off?

I posted another topic a few days ago about my left arm hurting from squatting. Yesterday, I tried squatting again with the bar higher on my back. It was a tad different during the warmup sets, but it wasn’t too much of a problem. However, when I started to get to my heavy sets (3x3), I started to stall. Last week, I hit 415 for 3x3. This week I attempted 425 for 3x3, but didnt get very far.

The first set, I tried 425 but could only get 2 (2nd rep with help). 2nd set I did 415 for 2, and the 3rd set I was able to do 415 for 3 with help. Also, during my squats, when I came up on one of them, I hyper extended my knee a little bit, and now it is pretty stiff and sore. My left arm is also still bothering me. Basically, should I just take the rest of this week off? Or maybe have some light days?

We all want to be the hardcorest mofo in town but you have to learn that in the long run taking a week off won’t make you any weaker, so go ahead and have some quiality rest. If you’re hurt that’s what you should do.

How have you gotten to a 425 3x3 squat, which is beyond the beginner stages of lifting, and still havent learned when to listen to your body and back off a bit? Do you really need people on the internet to give you the answer to this question?

^ yeah hahaha, also why would you expect to increase your squat the week of trying a new form…lol.

Do you have access to a safety squat bar? If so, try it and see if it allows you to work around your problem.

This helps.

great video!!! thank you!!!